CSU’s CRA had a Part-AYE and Raised Plenty of Mon-AYE!

First of all, I personally would like to thank all the Bathurst CSU students, the Combined Residents Association, and the Mitchel Student Guild for getting behind Trekking for Nepal. Collectively, they have contributed over $2000 towards our fundraising last week. It is just magic.

On Thursday night July 16th, The Combined Residence Association (CRA) of Charles Sturt University (CSU) dedicated tickets sales from their Christmas in July evening to Trekking for Nepal fundraising.

After a three-week mid semester holiday, the students must have been thirsty, as 600 plus students were drawn to the event. Trekking for Nepal’s production manager Jack Thomson said, “It was a great turn out; the students rallied together for the Nepalese.”

The donations from the event bring Trekking4Nepal closer to their fundraising goals. So far we have raised well over $5000 to date, which is a massive achievement.

But we’re not stopping here. We still have lots of money to try and raise, lots of events to come, and more kilometer to trek. Specifically, we have our rescheduled Wentworth Falls trek planned for August, and another three day trek in the Blue Mountains soon after.

It has been a goal from the start to persist with fundraising long after the earthquakes, as it is easy for us to forget just how devastating it has been for the Nepalese. So the more we continue to do to raise money, and more importantly, maintain a presence in social media, the better it will be for a beautiful country still in suffering.

One last thing, I would also like to thank Jack, Clare and Emma for their contribution to this project. I wouldn’t be anywhere near my targets without them, I owe you guys a lot. For those that aren’t aware, Emma is looking after all Trekking for Nepal social media, and Clare is managing our events.