Jack Thomson has my back, here’s why!


My name is Jack Thomson, I’m from Parkes in the Central West of New South Wales. Parkes is a small town famous for the Dish and good old Elvis Presley. Since leaving high school I have been studying at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst. And let me tell you, I am living the dream.

I gradated last year with a Bachelor Communication (Theatre/Media) and as I was not yet sure what I wanted to do career wise, I stuck around for another year to study a double degree in Public Relations.

I love what I study. I love gaining insight into the different ways peoples minds work and over time I have learnt how to organize and implement strategies that enable me to communicate efficiently with all different walks of life.

I have a loving family, boyfriend and a great job where I get to do cool stuff like run events and music festivals whilst putting what I have studied into practice. I understand that I am privileged to be exposed to such great experiences and I am very aware that compared to many people all over the world, I’ve got it really good. So, that’s why when I heard of the natural disaster in Nepal I was devastated but was convinced there was nothing much I could do.

That was before Tats contacted me about his idea, Trekking4Nepal. Although I do not have the emotional connection with the country that Tats has, I do have a good heart and a burning desire to help those who are less fortunate than me. So that was it, I was on board. Within five minutes of Tats’ proposal, we were skyping each other and developing ideas faster than ever before, I was trying everything I could to make his dream a reality.

I knew from the start that what we were doing was good, but I never actually realised how good it would make me feel. I’ve made logos, written press releases and drafted designs before, but this time was different, it wasn’t for a boss or a lecturer, it was for Nepal and that’s what makes this all worthwhile. I imagine the 500km treks will feel just as good, if not better. So please, Help me, Help Tats, Help Nepal.