Nepal Community Rebuild Project Planning Finalised

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It has taken two long years, but I’m elated to share with you that I’ve finalised a Nepal community rebuild project! It was looking pretty grim for quite a while, I even questioned whether I could get it done… but it’s actually happening. We are building something!


In 8 weeks time, on the 2nd of May, my Dad Steve, my friend Seaton, and I will be rebuilding an amenities block within a secondary school in rural Nepal. We have set aside 5 days to complete the project budgeted at AUD $2,500 (NPR 200,000).


Our project site is the Shree Janshidda Lower Secondary School at Bahadaure within the Kaski District of Nepal. We are rebuilding the school’s amenities facility that was destroyed in a storm some time ago.


The school hosts approximately 60 students, so it is an absolute delight to think Trekking4Nepal has the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the youth of Nepal.


I would like to thank Lachhu Thapa from The REACH for Nepal Foundation for partnering with me this past 12 months; without your knowledge and assistance, this project would not be up and running.

This brings me to an announcement… Trekking4Nepal is hosting another fundraising event on the 8th of April, 2017. One week before we fly out to Nepal, you are invited to come for a three-course Nepalese meal and trivia at The Hungry Buddha Belconnen to learn about our Project, Nepal, and help raise the $2,500 for the rebuild project. I will post more details about the event on Wednesday.

Please check Trekking4Nepal out on facebook, Instagram, and twitter and leave a comment below if you’d like to be in contact about our Nepal Community Rebuild Project.

Cheers JT

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