Trekking4Nepal returning to Nepal in 60 days


Trekking4Nepal is returning to Nepal for the first time in two years and we are bloody stoked! We fly out of Australia on the 13th of April ready to commence trekking a few days later on the 16th.

The amazing part about this story, we will be at the mercy of the Himalayas on April 25th, marking two years since the earthquakes caused the loss of thousands of lives and the catalyst for Trekking4Nepal. I think it will be very special and also a little bit confronting.

The trekking party includes my Dad Steve, one of my all-time best mates Seaton, and me of course. To have Dad returning with me is a dream come true, and to have a true friend take a leap of faith to create everlasting memories together… I am humbled.

We have plenty of exciting events planned for the 24-day adventure. 

Our first stop is in Kathmandu to experience a traditional Nepalese wedding – my friend Barsha has invited me and my trekking party to attend her special day. The thought of experiencing true Nepalese culture is very moving and I am grateful for the invitation.

On the 16th we leave Kathmandu and fly to Lukla via what is regarded as the world’s most dangerous airport. From here we will commence the first of our 17-day trekking adventure.

We stand to conquer Everest Base Camp (elevation 5,365m) on the 8th day of trekking. To stand at the foot of Mt Everest… I will lose my mind because Everest has been an obsession of mine since I was old enough to understand what Mt Everest is.

A few days later, we are set to rise at midnight to make a bid towards the summit of Island Peak (elevation 6,187m). The scoot to the summit will involve crampons, ice-axe handling, and ropes; we will encounter a 150m near-vertical ice wall and ladder crossings over crevasses.

After 15 minutes on the summit, we will retreat down to Chukkung (elevation 4,710m) to recover where the air is thicker. This is part of the trek is the most exhilarating for me because it is going to be far and away the most challenging experience, both physically and mentally, of my life.

We complete our trek on the 1st of May; from here we fly to Pokhara to undertake a community rebuild project. For the past two years, with the support of many, Trekking4Nepal has raised almost $20,000 and I’m honoured to be able to utilise this and my labour to help a Nepalese community move forward from a natural disaster.

For transparency, I must say this… I am NOT using any funds I have raised for any of my travel expenses; this whole trip is self-funded from my hard earned as a strength and conditioning coach.

That’s the trip – I cannot wait!

What now? I have two months to promote this trip, build some momentum and hold a gala night before we go. I have The Hungry Buddha, Belconnen tentatively booked for a celebratory night. I’m thinking a Nepalese Banquet to accompany some entertainment and a few announcements.

Are there any suggestions about what I could or should do? Are there any businesses out there that would like to sponsor goods and/or services for an auction; perhaps trivia again too. I am open to suggestions, please get in contact if you would like to support or get involved.

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