Trekking4Nepal – January Update

It’s a New Year, we’ve all got big plans and Trekking4Nepal is no different. I have 600 kilometres to bash out, and $75,000 to find… No point having small goals right? This post should bring you up to speed on the next four months of my plans, and give you an opportunity to jot down some dates in your calendar so you plan a trek with me in the near future. Enjoy the read.

2015 in Review

In hindsight 2015 was truely great! I couldn’t of imagined that one little idea as a result of some devastating earthquakes could have shaped my life as much as it did. For one, I have covered 250km by foot over some of Australia’s most magical country, including The Blue Mountains National Park, The Royal National Park and Kosiuszko National Park to mention a few.

In addition to the walking, I have learned how to make and manage a WordPress websites, I have a firm grasp on social media (I think), I have managed a team of four, conducted a raffle that helped raise over $4,000, I’ve written media releases, and networked more that I thought possible for myself. All this while working elsewhere to make ends meet, completing 4 months of leadership training, and completing my reasearch based honours.

To say the least, 2015 was a year of personal development like no other, and I don’t feel like slowing down anytime soon. So with that in mind here is what you can look forward to in the coming year.

2016 – What you can look forward to?

Trekking4Nepal Day

I received some common feedback last year, in that my trekking adventures were a little too ad-hoc for people, and therefore couldn’t attend. In response to this I have been wresting with the idea of creating a “Trekking4Nepal Day” each month, so you know when and where I’m heading  each month, thus book it into your schedule and we can get amongst it.
I propose the following:

I dedicate the last Sunday of every month to Trekking4Nepal and you’re all invited.

This means that the following dates are open to you to come along, see some cool sights and bust out some kilometres Trekking4Nepal.

  • January 24 – Figure 8 Pools, The Royal National Park
  • February 28 – La Perouse
  • March 27 – Canberra
  • April 24 (I’m hoping to be in Nepal for this one)

I’ll post a quarter year at a time for ease of digesting, plus it will give me time to do my research of some of the hot-spots around that we could get to.

Taronga to Syndey Harbour Bridge Trek

On March 13, 2016 I have a vision for over 100 people to be Trekking4Nepal on the north shore of Syndey. This is our shot to have a large gathering of people coming together to take a stand and make a difference to the people of Nepal.

The goal of the day is to have

Over 100 people Trekking4Nepal to raise $10,000

The event is on Facebook, click here, and  if you can make it I’d love to see you there, so please click attending. I am looking for corporate sponsors for the event too – miracles do happen.

Trekking4Nepal Facebook & Instagram

I’ve been thinking about our social hubs, and I’ve come to the conclusion, they aren’t really that social. It is more a case of me telling you all what I’ve been doing, or what’s going to happen, and what’s missing is any signs of interaction and communication from members of the group.

I’d love to see this shift this year. You can start the ball rolling, share this post with your social media, or take a photo next time you are out walking in the bush and use the hashtag #trekking4nepal, and should you go trekking somewhere this year, share the best photo and give us a review on the Facebook page. Food for thought anyway.

I turned 30

Last item on the agenda, I turned the ripe old age of 30 over the Christmas break, and had a small get together for it just last weekend. So many people came out and stopped by and I was totally humbled by the experience.

I am so fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life. If you came out to Botany of Saturday, thank you so very much, you are amazing! 

I even got a Trekking4Nepal cake, have a look isn’t it cool!?


That’s it from me for now, keep trekking everyone… Peace

James Tatham