Trekking4Nepal: Metro-Trekking - 13 March 2016

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I've had a few days to lay low, rejuvenate and gather my thoughts after what was a fantastic day for Metro-Trekking on Sunday March 13th; as a result I've compiled a wrap up of the day. I promise I will try and keep things very brief, as long as you promise to read through to the end.

The Mission: Inspire 100 People to Trek 10km to Raise Awareness and $10,000 towards Rebuilding Nepal



We had 75 people (from 107 registrations) turn up on the day to complete the 10Km Trekking4Nepal from Taronga Zoo to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Currently the donations raised for the event sit at $5413.08 which is incredible. Although, it is never to late to play your part. If you are yet to donate, or know somebody who would like to, head to this link and sort it out.


To my surprise, My Nepal TV drove out and met us at the half way point of the trek and interviewed me and some other trekkers on the day.

Also, the Trekking4Nepal facebook page gained a few followers as a result and the community is now over 1000 strong! At the time of writing this blog, we have 1007 likes, so that's amazing! You'd be crazy not to jump on in there and hit 'like' if you haven't already done it.

From here, it's back to the drawing board, planning more events and hitting the trails. Feel free to share this post to all your friends, it would really help me raise the awareness around Trekking4Nepal.

James Tatham
Trekking4Nepal Founder