Win Tickets to Trekking4Nepal Trivia


Trekking4Nepal Trivia is approaching fast and thanks to some loyal Trekking4Nepal supporters you now have a chance to win yourself a seat on the 8th of April, 2017.

Currently, there are 3 tickets up for grabs valued at $63.50 each – a ticket will get you a seat with the other lucky guests, three courses of delicious Nepalese food, and an opportunity to take part in Trekking4Nepal Trivia.

Tickets have been kindly donated, in a pay-it-forward fashion, by friends of Trekking4Nepal who wished they could attend, and due to other commitments cannot.

If you want to win, there are 3 things you need to do…

  1. Like Trekking4Nepal on Facebook
  2. Share this post on your facebook
  3. Write “Pick me Trekking4Nepal, I’m not so Trivial” in the comments.

We have conjured this ‘pay-it-forward’ movement because we want this event to be available to the student and athlete communities of Canberra. Trekking4Nepal acknowledges that charity is not affordable to all and we hope that this gesture can attract some young attention and get them involved.

Trekking4Nepal Trivia has been organised to raise awareness for our latest project; we are heading back to Nepal to rebuild an amenities facility at the Shree Janasiddha Lower Secondary School on the 13th of April. More information about the project can be read here.

If you need more information check us at Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

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