Trekking4Nepal Update

Hello family, friends, followers, and anyone else I may have missed. If you have ever wondered why I committed myself to this ordeal, this is the post to read. It covers everything – Nepal six months after the tragedy, my mission, our fundraising and what’s happening with your money, where I am headed next, why I love trekking so much and why I think you would love it too, and much more. I’d appreciate it if you took the time to read it all… Enjoy.​

Nepal Six Months on

It’s hard for me to believe that six months has passed since the 7.6 magnitude earthquakes ravaged Nepal, affecting more than 8 million people, damaging an estimated 850,000 homes, and taking more than 8,500 lives. Thankfully, with our small contribution included, Oxfam mounted a rapid response to the disaster and has so far reached more than 445,000 people in seven of the worst-hit districts. Specifically, Oxfam has distributed 55,000 shelter kits, 50,000 hygiene kits and installed almost 8,000 toilets. They have also assisted almost 10,000 households with food and 30,000 farmers with rice seeds to ensure they did not miss the planting season. I think it’s completely wonderful that organisations like Oxfam exist, and continue to provide aid for those in real need. 

Trekking for Nepal Mission & Vision Update

I’d like to take this opportunity to reconnect with all our (Trekking4Nepal) readers; six months is a long time, and often we forget why we start things, what motivates us to keep going, and how we plan to continue. I am no different, there have been times when I have thought, “What have I done, this is too hard, and this is unachievable.” But I will not give into those negative thoughts, I believe we can do this, and I am committed to our mission. 

Our mission is to Trek 850km to raise $85,000 for the 8,5000 who passed following the Nepal Earthquakes. 

Our vision is to Inform, Inspire and Achieve… 

  • Inform the Trekking4Nepal community that Nepal has suffered unfathomably, thus continued assistance and awareness is essential.
  • Inspire others to trek (Nepal’s major tourist attraction) around Australia; share our trekking experience with the intent that others will try trekking out, and consider a future trekking trip to Nepal.
  • Achieve our fundraising, trekking and event management targets. 

If you’ve read this far, now is the perfect time to look at the first video Jack and I created to inform the world of our commitment to Trekking4Nepal. 

Fundraising (totals, where’s the money going, how we hope to keep raising) 

In six months, with your help, Trekking4Nepal has raised $6,956. At times I get disheartened because it is quite a distance from our goals, but at the end of the day, is a huge step in the right direction, and I am proud of myself, Jack, Clare, Emma and Jade for sticking by what we think is important, and trying to assist a country in need.

Just to clarify, the money donated to Trekking4Nepal goes directly to Oxfam, and their Nepal Earthquake Emergency Appeal. So far, our contribution has helped provide the following:

  • Clean water: More than 35,000 people have accessed clean water, including 48 community water systems being repaired or installed.
  • Secure shelter: Oxfam distributed 54,100 shelter kits and provided training to local builders and women in how to build more secure shelters.
  • Sanitation and hygiene: Oxfam installed 7,911 toilets, distributed 49,200 hygiene kits and hosted 700 hygiene promotion events.
  • Supporting livelihoods: 33,600 farmers received seeds to replant lost crops and lost or destroyed agricultural tools were replaced.
  • Additionally, 918 households also received cash to help clear debris — helping the recovery effort whilst giving people the chance to earn an income again.

As you can see, by helping us, help Nepal, there are now thousands of individuals — mothers, fathers, farmers and school children — that are suffering less and rebuilding.

​Trekking4Nepal Raffle

Moving on, I’m excited to announce Trekking4Nepal’s next fundraising initiative – our Christmas Raffle! We approached and received such a heart-warming response from numerous businesses in the Sydney and Central West Regions of NSW, happy to donate their product as prizes in our raffle. We have received over $1,500 worth of prizes including: 

  • A two night stay in the Blue Mountains thanks to The Greens of Leura.
  • A Nespresso Coffee and Aeroccino Machine complements of Café Without a Name, Alexandria
  • A pair of Ray Bans from Sunglass Hut
  • A $150 Athletes Foot Shoe Voucher, and
  • And many more 

I also want to mention CSU Print, they donated the tickets for us, they are outstanding – perforated, numbered, individually wrapped – they did a fantastic job. Tickets are priced at $5 each, and all proceeds will be going towards helping rebuild Nepal. We hope to sell 1,500 tickets to raise $7,500 on this campaign. This is where it get fun, because we want you to get involved, and help us out.

Trekking4Nepal understand that the majority of our supporters and followers are part of the student community… I’ve been there too; money times are always tough! So, rater than donating to us directly with your little money, you can donate some of your time and enthusiasm towards helping others.

Trekking4Nepal are reaching out to all our friends; sell just one book of 10 tickets for us, and you have done your bit to help us help Nepal. That’s your $50 contribution covered to helping a country in need. Please contact anyone from the Trekking team, or email if you would like to challenge yourself and sell some raffle tickets.

Trekking: Why I like it so much

With fundraising covered until Christmas, there is only one thing left for me to do… Trek! To date, I have covered 78Km over 3 adventures – The Six Foot Track, The Three Sisters and Wentworth Falls, and The Royal Coastal Track. Such great experiences, there is so much to see and do only a short distance away, should you put the effort in to go there.

Consider this for a second… How often do you, say, or hear other people say, “I want to go travelling, overseas or on holidays… But it’s so expensive.” Try this one on for size… Why do people want to go on a holiday in the first place? Perhaps…

  •  To experience new experiences such as scenery, food, and culture.
  • As reward for effort after working a long stint at university or work.
  • Just to simply escape the daily grind of life that you don’t actually like that much

Whatever the reason may be it doesn’t matter, they are all valid and if they work for you, fantastic.

My point is this… Australia has some amazing sights to be seen right on your doorstep. We are spoiled with over 500 National Parks all waiting for you to go and explore them. With just a small investment, or no investment at all if you ask around, you can get yourself a tent, a pack, and a butane cooker, and escape somewhere every weekend, should you chose to do so.

​Future Plans

If you’ve read The 4 Hour Work Week you’ll know what I mean when I say mini-vacations. Trekking can bring you a mini-vacation every weekend. Which brings me to my latest commitment – for the month of November, I plan to trek somewhere every weekend just to show you what’s possible. Hopefully my body can handle it. So stay turned I’ll be taking off regularly over the next month, if you are interested in coming along, please get in contact – the more the merrier.

Other things from me and the Team, we are brainstorming and exploring the possibility of some large scale events, including:

  • Sport, school, or corporate team building trekking opportunities.
  • An authentic, Nepalese inspired evening with guest speakers, short documentary and more surpises,
  • A yoga, meditation and spiritual awakening day.

We are also in the process of our third, and hopefully final, website overall. We are not happy with the way we currently deliver you our valuable information, and hope to be bringing you a more smartphone optimized format in a the coming weeks.


 So that’s it, my six-month update. If you’ve read this far you are a true supporter, (if you’re a true supporter shoot me a text #keepgoingibelieveinyou so I know who you are) and for that I appreciate you very, very much. Thank you again to all our supporters, people who’ve donated and to those who are going to sell tickets for us. I am committed to my goals, I hope to blow them out of the water by December 31 2016, it’s not about me, it’s #all4nepal, they still need our assistance, and I am here to remind everyone that every little bit we can do to help is a step in a much happier direction for the Nepalese people.